My Monthly Income – April 2016

income reportWelcome to my awesome second income I didn’t work that much on my own blog for this month. I’ve been most of April working on my micro niche that’s where I’m generating my Adsense income. I’m ranking some keyworks on google I’m getting some organic traffic I created my own CMS I solved lot of problem with broken links and doing engagement on the social network asking their question and scheduled my posts with metricool and buffer everything is doing good so far with my micro niche.I’m not making a huge amount of money but I really like that niche for that reason that I still working on it, I’m also planning to start and app for android and apple but this project is going to take a while

In order to improve my writing skill I got two differents tutorial from udemy, I knew that I needed to improved my skills and I still learning putting lot of effort to have something than can help to others to increase their income

I’m working as a web developer being in front of the computer the whole day and when I’m at home work on my income I’ve been reading and learning about getting traffic, and get hight quality backlinks I have just 3 hours a day that I can spend in my blog.  April It was so focus learning and almost no taking any action

I’m not sure how I feel now I increase my income but my stats weren’t that good I spend lot of time testing using bingads I run a campaign and still runing I spend 5$ doing some testing

I’ve been thinking about my journey and what I found is that I just had about 3 hours a day that I can spend on my blog, (I should have stated blogging when I was living with my family )

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My Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – March 2016

My income & onlie report March 2016

Welcome to my first online income report, in fact is my first real post despite I’ve been just posting coupons. I started blogging last month 18th March The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 14 Apps Udemy discount this was my first post.

What really inspired my to post my income was a income report from makingsenseofcents where he added at the bottom how  theextraincomeproject made 4 cents in his first month I mean we all started with almost zero income but you rarely will see an income report with less than a 1$ here the post  Monthly Income Report Roundup

I decided to be a  blogger a while ago my domain used to be a portfolio where a show my projects tools and language that I use as a web developer. In order to follow my plan I just moved to github page

I want to find an easy method where I can make a solid income and after that start it posting my income but that’s what almost everybody is doing I prefer to post what I have done and learn how to improve and share with my readers

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