ReactJS and Flux Learn By Building 10 Projects

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Get the real world experience by building professional projects in React and Flux The Projects Using React.JS and Flux tutorial is the perfect way to not only learn these technologies, but also understand how they can be practically applied to create applications. It will also give you a working idea of other technologies that can be used in tandem with these technologies.

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In this course, you will build the following 10 projects:

Project 1 – Bootstrap React Components – This is a starter project to help you understand how to use Bootstrap to create basic React components.

Project 2 – Github Profile Viewer – Learn how to use ReactJS to create a UI and fetch data from the Github API.

Project 3 – Quick Quiz – Design a simple React quiz application

Project 4 – Movie Find – Learn how to create a movie find database that uses the OMDB API to fetch movies from the database.

Project 5 – Contact List – Create a contact list and learn how to use the Firebase database technology

Project 6 – Stickypad Notes – Create a fancy ToDo List that uses a Stickypad image for its background

Project 7 – InfoFinder Search Engine – Learn how to use the DuckDuckGo API to design a fully-functional search engine.

Project 8 – Youtube Gallery – Create a complex video gallery that allows you to add YouTube videos using just the ID of the video.

Project 9 – Socket . io Chat – Learn how to create a functional chat application that allows you to create a username and send messages back and forth over web sockets.

Project 10 – Workout Logger – Finally one of the most interesting and the most complex application in the list, this Workout Logger will have a mobile friendly interface and will also teach you how to create a local storage.

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