My Monthly Income, Growth & Traffic Report – March 2016

My income & onlie report March 2016

Welcome to my first online income report, in fact is my first real post despite I’ve been just posting coupons. I started blogging last month 18th March The Complete Android Developer Course – Build 14 Apps Udemy discount this was my first post.

What really inspired my to post my income was a income report from makingsenseofcents where he added at the bottom how  theextraincomeproject made 4 cents in his first month I mean we all started with almost zero income but you rarely will see an income report with less than a 1$ here the post  Monthly Income Report Roundup

I decided to be a  blogger a while ago my domain used to be a portfolio where a show my projects tools and language that I use as a web developer. In order to follow my plan I just moved to github page

I want to find an easy method where I can make a solid income and after that start it posting my income but that’s what almost everybody is doing I prefer to post what I have done and learn how to improve and share with my readers

feel free to connect and leave me a message It won’t hurt you I promise

Online Income Reports

Visitor Statistics

Traffic showed


How cool is my traffic he? I’m not ranking any keyword I just share on the social network my posts groups and forums I leave some comment with a backlink

I learnt and still learning about social media , affiliate marketing , keyword research getting traffic and some SEO technics CPA and a lot more. I’m going to share all that information

I know that I should post this on 1 April but I don’t have that much time I’m just spend 3 or 4 day after work that’s the time that I got I also blog using my phone when I’m in bed I know that at the end I will sort it up and I’m not a journalist I spend too much time for a little paragraph I will do my best to post regularly I know that it’s just about time to improve my blogger skills

Top Traffic Sources

Most of the traffic came from facebook and google plus that’s where I posted



Income Report

Here are the numbers you really want to see

Affiliate Earnings

  • Adsense: £12.03
  • Rakuten – linkshare: £43.22 (I’m waiting feedback from my manager I’m not sure if I can show stats from Rakuten)
  • Cpalead: £0.19

Now it’s time to talk about Adsense you will probably think what Adsense if you have just a month and just with 145 sessions the fact is as a web developer I’ve been doing some cool stuff  yeah  created a website dedicated to monetize with Adsense and apply all this google ranking stuff that I’ve been learning

I also made 0.55 with cpalead honestly I want to dedicate a lot of time to CPA I think is one of the easiest way to make money I just have to find a good method I’m using an instagram account for this. I didn’t post anything this month

Earnings Total

  •  Affiliate Income – £55.44

What I want you  to do is to start your own blog if you are reading this post is because you are interesting in make money online or maybe for other reason, I don’t know, but if you are thinking and never take action nothing will happens its that easy Avoid all the excuses that you have to move forward. I’m not a native English speaker but I’m here blogging because that’s what I wanna do and I’ve met people from different groups and forum on Internet having a bad time with the language I think it will easy to them to understand my posts I want to connect with all those people that never make any cent on Internet and are really serious about it and those like me that there are making a few income and want it to increase connect with my social account 😊