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Hello everybody as you know my name is Marco is already in the URL , I’m a web developer from Venezuela with about 5 -6 years experience I’ve been using modern tools and  languages like Angularj.js, Reactjs, SASS LESS, Ionic, html5, css3 and  others. I’m currently living in London I moved  2 years ago I think. Before moved I was always looking for ways to make money online having an extra income.

marco gomes web

Yeap that’s basically what I do after party, just walking through London taking some cool pics if I can

It wasn’t easy to start working as a developer but have lot of attempted I was working as a front-end developer. In the meanwhile, I was learning about social marketing, keyword research, affiliate program that’s what you should do if you are in a similar situation prepare yourself and don’t be scare of taking action.

I was making a good amoung of money (being a developer it pays well ) but I decided to go for a junior position a role that pay less not because I wanted less money it’s because I wanted  more time for me and my projects and at the moment it’s going very well.

My first blog.

I always wanted to have a blog about 3 years ago I was making theme for WordPress I wanted to blog but I was scare and I haven’t sure what to post I was totally lost, now I’m not that lost but I’ve been struggling a bit about content creation how to structure a post and how to keep motivating when you dont know what to post even though I suggest to:

  • start a blog (even if you have no idea what to do, we always have something to share)
  • prepare, learn
  • ask for help (a blog is more for engaged than sell products )

looks easy to create a blog and start posting but the true fact it’s that is not easy in my experience it takes me too long to write just a piece of article I’m truly convinced that this is one of those things that just takes time.

Why I want you to be my reader?

My intention with this blog is helping others to start making money online, resolve some problems and give some advice about tools that I use and software if you have any experience or no experience that’s ok, I’ve been learning as well I have a community of friends that I made posting on blogs and forums if you want to know anything just leave a comment and contact me on my social networks.

I’ve been reading lot of reviews about new software and tools, honestly I don’t pay any of this course I have to be really sure, one of the biggest problem that usually happens is that after paying for a huge software  you start using it  and you will expecting some good result and in some cases nothing happened, this position is when most of the people stop about making money online it was just a bad result just keep working and don’t give up.

One good source that I’ve been using a lot is Udemy, it has tutorials about everything, what ever you want to learn. I’ve been sharing 100%OFF and free vouchers if you have any particular tutorial that you will like to learn leave me a comment I can find tutorials using footprint in google I got email from udemy and some authors any question just let me know feel free to contact me

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